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46a Marlborough Hill,
Dorking, Surrey,

Phone: 07707-200494


We keep costs to a sensible minimum, offering good value,
yet with absolutely no compromise on quality.
We are specialists in low cost functional web sites.
Our motto is:- Keep it Simple - Keep it Working.

Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your requirements,
after which we can discuss deisgn costs accordingly.

Apart from design costs there is a standard cost of 100
which applies to all websites.
This includes the cost of registering a new domain name
or transferring an existing one,
plus the cost of the space for your website, e-mail forwarding,
search engine registration, and general administration.
This is an annual charge.

Additional domain names may be registered and pointed at the same website
for an extra 40 per annum for each additional domain name.

Special extra service - vacational messaging: If you are away on holiday,
we can offer you a vacational message service - we can set up an auto reply
to all e-mails received during your absence, apologising for the delay in
response time whilst you are away, and take it off again when you return.
There is a one-off charge of 25 for this service each time you use it.

Please call or e-mail
to arrange for us to build your website

we offer a reliable personal service
Phone: 07707-200494


Specializing in building low cost functional web sites.
Keep it Simple - Keep it Working.

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