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Website Design / Domain Name Registration /
Web Space / E-mail forwarding / Website Administration /
Search Words / Registration with Search Engines
. . we do it all for you . . offering a reliable personal service . .
and low cost functional web sites


46a Marlborough Hill,
Dorking, Surrey,

Phone: 07707-200494


Our Customers Come First

The first step is to register your domain name/s for you, or to transfer
your existing one/s to us, so that we can arrange for it/them to access
a space for your website.

Next, we help you plan your website. We can visit you to do this,
or do it by phone, post, or email - whatever suits you. Overall theme
or style is a good place to start, plus what your specific needs are.
You'll need to supply your pictures and text.

We will then create a prototype website for you to view, so that
it will be an easy matter to look at it and discuss any refinements.

At the final stage, before uploading your website to the internet,
we will include your search words, and ensure that e-mails sent to
your domain name will come to you at your usual email address.

We will also register your new website with the search engines.

After the site has been uploaded you will still have a month
in which to ask for fine tuning type changes at no charge.

Specializing in building low cost functional web sites.
Keep it Simple - Keep it Working.

Please call or e-mail
to arrange for us to build your site

Phone: 07707-200494

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